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Group of companies “EcoGeoProject” Company performs a wide range of engineering surveys and turnkey design and ensures delivery, adjustment, training and maintenance of high-tech equipment for engineering and aerial survey.

Our leading specialists have more than 15 years of experience.

OOO“EcoGeoProject” Company uses the most modern and innovative technologies and software products to collect data required for engineering survey and design, in particular technologies for aerial, surface and mobile laser scanning and digital aerial survey, thermal-imaging and infrared survey, as well as for their further processing up to project development.

Core Activities:

  • Complex engineering survey (geodesy, geology, hydrology and soil exploration laboratory);

  • Land and real estate objects inventory accounting and cadastral registration;

  • Updating general urban plans and thematic maps of the areas in digital format;

  • Motor and railroads construction design, reconstruction and overhaul repair;

  • Port facilities, park areas and O&G facilities construction design and reconstruction;

  • Construction, design and as-built documentation preparation;

  • Technical documentation updating and restoration;

  • Electrical power lines construction design, reconstruction and inspection;

  • Ecological monitoring;

  • Emergency monitoring;

  • Soil slip monitoring;

  • Farmland monitoring;


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