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Project: Georadar research on the territory of Anacopia Fortress


EcoGeoTec together with Anacopia National New Athos Conservation Area held georadar research in the territory of Anacopia Fortress in New Athos. Results can become a sensation, scientists said.

The archeological work which was started in July 2014 became a cause of the cooperation. In the course of work of AN-14 expedition a guess about existence of underground communications appeared. Specialists of EcoGeoTec arrived to research them.

In the territory of Anacopia Fortress 12 profiles were made using Loza-V, 100 MHz georadar for two days. The total length of profiles amounted 23.1 m. The total length of all georadar profiles was 408.2 m. However, contrary to the hopes of specialists no underground communication have been found in situ. At the same time, research of platforms before the citadel gave information that can be interpreted as hand-made underground structures. An interesting appearance was seen on a few platforms siding with the citadel from the south-western side. Three decompressed organized caves that can be passage elements adjoin to the upper natural interruption. At that, the medium cave in combination with two vertical caves can be interpreted as well with the depth of up to ten meters.

“The experience of cooperation with EcoGeoTec shows that georadar research allows localizing the area of further archeological studies in a short time and concentrate efforts on more important directions. It can shorten the timeline and reduce expenses for important scientific discoveries, Alkhas Argun, director of Anacopia New Athos National Conservation Area said. “We supposed that a source of drinking water improved by human beings and privileged burials of the pre-Christian and the next time should be next to the citadel because Anacopia is considered as the main stronghold of the Abazgs from the Roman time. Results of a georadar research localize these objects which require archeological study. We hope that we will be able to find funds for additional archeological works which, no doubt, will have notorious importance for the home and the world history”.

“In cooperation with Anacopia New Athos National Conservation Area a georadar research of objects of Anacopia Fortress has been held. In recent years the georadiolocation scanning method or sounding has been actively introduced into archeological research. Georadar is irreplaceable where the integrity of the researched environment cannot be violated and where high data authenticity is required. As a result of the research and treatment of georadar data of Anacopia Fortress we revealed the most archeologically interesting ground areas which can be considered as fragments of the underground passage, a well and crypts containing metal things. Now it is for archeologists to decide”, Inna Barchan, manager of EcoGeoTec Group of Companies said.


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