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Project: Creation of digital orthophotomaps of 1:2000 scale for the coastal territory of the Republic of Abkhazia


For the first time in the Abkhazian history large-scale digital imaging and air laser scanning of the coastal part of the Abkhazian territory have been performed.

The work has been performed by order of the Abkhazian Ministry of Economy for realization of the Creation of Real Estate Cadastre program. High-precision modern orthophotomaps of 1:2000 scale have been produced for the whole coastal territory with the square of 3300 km2.

EcoGeoProject used a complex technology of combined digital aerial mapping and air laser scanning to make orthphotomaps of 1:2000scale based on the aerial mapping data for the purpose of cartographic provision of creation of the real estate cadaster of settlements of the Republic of Abkhazia and provision of territory management.

Aerial mapping has been performed using a modern highly-precise aerial mapping complex set on board of an AN-2 plane having an ALS50-II (Leica Geosystems AG)air scanner and aRCD30 (Leica Geosystems AG)digital camera.

General project description:

  • Map datum: the local map datum of the Republic of Abkhazia
  • System of heights: The Black Sea system of heights
  • Aerial photograph space resolution: 10-12 cm
  • Orthophotomap space resolution: 20 cm
  • Orthophotomap position accuracy: 2-3pixels

Aerial mapping parameters

  • Air laser scanning has been performed in the continuous shooting mode according to gage sections.
  • Aerial mapping performed under air temperature was not less than 0°Сin the work area,wind speed was not more than15 m/c, and solar elevation angle was not less than15°. Performance of aerial mapping in cloudy weather was allowed with the cloud height of more than the flight height.

Picture1. RCD30 camera appearance

Picture2. Leica ALS50-IIscanner appearance

Picture3. OutdoorGPSexternal antenna

Aerial mapping

The works have been performed in accordance with:

1. The main provisions on aerial mapping performed for creating and updating topographic maps and plans, GKINP-09-32-80;

2. The aerial mapping rulesPARO-90.

Picture4. An-2 plane. Aerial photography devicesinstrumentation plan.


Unique opportunities of the air laser scanning technology allow receiving:

  • The real ground relief(even under crowns in the forest, in the terms of broken ground with a mountain relief with dense vegetation) without compromising accuracy;
  • Location and forms of objects with a complex structure, for example, process areas and pipelines, buildings and structures, etc. and their deviances;
  • Topographic plans and maps in a featureless terrain with the accuracy and detail which are not achievable by any other methods.

This method is the most profitable one because high performance of field works during engineering research is achieved with minimum financial and time expenditures.

OutputDigital orthophotomaps ScaleМ 1:2000

Application areas of the aerial mapping and air laser scanning data:

  • Inventory of the land and property complex;
  • Urban development planning;
  • Power line inspection;
  • Construction and reconstruction of automobile roads and railways;
  • Forest management;
  • Agriculture and land resources management;
  • The land cadastre;
  • Ecological monitoring;
  • Emergency monitoring.


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