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Project: Reconstruction of the vegetation and beautification of Agudzera park


The design object is located in Agudzera settlement of Gulripsh District of the Republic of Abkhazia. Object borders: the northern border – along the borders of fences of the Sports and Fitness Complex, a pioneer camp and a nursery; the western border – along the eastern border of Parkovaya Street; the eastern border – along the western sidewalk of Parkovaya Street; the South-Eastern border – along the border of the concrete reinforced fence of the kndergarden, the southern border – along Kiparosivoy Allei Street. Object square is 8.2 ha.

N. Smetsky, an amateur gardener created Agudzera Park in 1900. The park has been formed as a dendropark showing the richness and variety of the Abkhazian flora and is the principal magnet of the population and tourists.

Currently, square of the park is 8.2 ha. Earlier, square of the park was 60 ha. 6.4 ha should be reconstructed.

The relief is plain. The total beach angle is 0.016. Level difference is up to 8 m. The land has been levelled.

Full complex analysis and photofixation presenting the current situation both in the park territory and around it were performed. The inventory showed that 1299 trees grow in the territory, there are no bushes. It shows about violation of the current standards. Plants are distributed in the territory evenly. However, there are space structure types corresponding with subtropical zone standards. There are 30 types of trees, no bushes. Age of plants is more than 100 years. Adult ripe ones give a good decorative effect, a good state category, a high esthetic grade. There are the following types of park and garden plants: double alleys, single alleys, single trees, groups, and massives. The second cypress alley forming the main park centerline is the main planning elements of the plant composition. The state of grass lawn is satisfactory, there are no flower beds. Felling a small part of sphacelated and shrinkable plants was recommended. An insolation analysis presenting almost even ratio between double and triple shadow overlapping and an analysis of zones of influence of underground and ground structures have been performed. The existing plants in zones of influence should be kept until an accident on communications. Traffic analysis has been performed. Parkovaya Street and Kiparisovaya Street provide traffic. Attraction points of the pedestrian traffic have been revealed. The pedestrian traffic direction is determined considering the perspective functional zonation. Such zones have been determined according to functional zonation (according to the chart). Their location is determined by the surroundings: the beach, the settlement, a hospital, etc.

On the basis of these materials the following composition has been designed:

The existing plants are kept in general. Tree felling is minimal. The second cypress alley is saved, border alleys should be made broader up to three meters. Coverages should be changed for decorative pavement with jointing by red cricks. The middle strip of the second alley is divided by a network of cross paths of mixed configuration. The main entrance of the park from the sea side should have a half-round ground with decorative pavement and flower beds. The main axe of the composition is finished with a half-round ground with a monument to Abkhazian heroes who died during the Patriotic War, 1992-1993. Two half-round paths with a ground with a monument at the center should be designed. A network of diagonal paths stresses the importance of the focal point.

The second important entrance of the park should be formed from the eastern side. The same composition methods like of the western entrance’s and the memorial ground’s should be used here.

Construction of a café with a big ground and carrying-out of tables is designed near the western entrance next to the beach. It will provide access to the café from the side of the beach. Preservation of the Mayak historic object and demolition of all retail outlets in the south-western angle is provided.

A big children sectional complex is designed in the park due to access from the beach side.

Four entrances from Kiparisovaya Alley Street are designed. The entrances are connected with the main composition axe of the park by a network of transit paths and walkways. The second feature of the new layout is the second scenic alley through the park from the west to the east changing its cross-section and providing dispersal of visitors over the park territory and making more comfortable terms for their rest. The scenic countryside is enforced by additional landscape alleys with a complicated configuration which penetrate the territory from the north to the south. A composition made of plants and stones, flowers against the background of grass and spots of the pebbles on the beach is original. Mainly the hardwood, evergreen plants, conifers and ornamental trees of various sizes and compositions with flowers and stones are used. Such method will make the whole territory more scenic and memorable.

A sports zone is designed in the northern part of the object. It includes basketball and volleyball courts, tennis courts, skateboard courts, fitness machines. A cyclone fence with Colchian ivy should be set on perimeter.

A small economic area should be designed in the eastern part of the object.

A general plan fragment

A vertical section

A cross section


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