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Urban Design

Urban design (city design) studies spatial configuration, appearance and functionality of the city or village components. Special attention is paid to develop public places configuration, where everyday activity of citizens is performed (streets, squares, parks and public infrastructure).
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Landscape Design

The “EcoGeoTek” Company develops construction and  reconstruction projects for city and district parks, recreational sport areas, gardens of residential houses, squares, boulevards designed to improve conditions for pedestrians and short-term rest, as well as projects for private suburban and public leisure planting and landscaping.
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Roads and Structures Design

Construction of any object requires a thorough project development. And further project implementation depends on how competently it has been made. The “EcoGeoTek” company offers a range of services in all areas of road object design: roads, bridges, overpasses, bus stops, etc., during construction, as well as during repair and reconstruction.
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