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Roads and Structures Design

 Construction of any object requires a thorough project development. And further project implementation depends on how competently it has been made.“EcoGeoTech” OOO offers a range of services in all areas of road object design: roads, bridges, overpasses, bus stops, etc., during construction, as well as during repair and reconstruction.

Design works on roads construction, repair and reconstruction start with a set of engineering surveys, which are engineering geodesic, engineering geological, environmental engineering and engineering meteorological ones. By results thereof, a designer receives the detailed information on a design site (terrain relief, state of ground surfaces, ecological situation and state of climate conditions of the area, forecast of adverse effects of water facilities on the object being designed). A project built on the grounds of the obtained data contains not only engineering recommendations on construction or repair, but calculations for future long-term operation and maintenance of a road.

It performs all-inclusive deliveries of the aerial survey technologies and performs on complexation and integration of the modern digital aerial systems on board in accordance with of a Customer’s requirements.



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