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Environmental Engineering Survey

Engineering and environmental surveys are an integral part of design and construction works on any land plot. As a part of engineering and environmental survey a comprehensive survey and assessment of ecological status of environment components such as soil, ground, bottom sediments, surface and ground waters and vegetation, is carried out.

All-inclusiveenvironmental engineering surveyor survey and assessment of ecological status of environment components are performed in order to:

  • assess the nature and level of the territory contamination;

  • identify the spatial structure that is border distribution, power and composition of pollution of natural environments that require remediation (or recultivation) for respective types of functional use;

  • develop recommendations on safe terms of use (or shifting) of soils and grounds during earthworks and construction works;

  • develop measures to prevent, reduce or eliminate harmful effects of radioactive elements, polluting chemicals, sanitary indicator and pathogenic microorganisms, as well as germs of parasitic diseases on human health and environment objects in the course of implementation of design solutions and performance of construction works at site.


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