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Georadar Researches

Georadar research means research of the soil body, the road surface, runways, buildings and structures, solution of information-retrieval problems of non-destructive controlof products, geological survey, exploration of mineral resources and geocryological and hydrogeological research.

Active tasks:

Engineering and geological, hydrogeological and geocryological group of tasks

  • Georadars give an opportunity to map geological structures (at the expense of determination of contacts of rocks with dielectric inductivity with changing depth);
  • Studying of dangerous geological processes is one of spheres of application where georadar research is one of the leading geophysical methods at the expense of the works rate;
  • Determination of turf bed capacity is especially actual in studying ofpeat reclamation and evaluation of turf reserves as a useful mineral;
  • Determination of man-made soils’ power and power (volume) of dumpis required to control actual volumes of works done and searching land-buried waste;
  • Determination of the geometry and morphology of natural and artificial soils is applied in case of geological mapping together with drilling works and engineering geophysics;
  • Complex georadar researches give an opportunity to evaluate the ground water table and realize the underground water appraisal in some variants;
  • Determination of high rock jointing zones using a georadar is actual in case of evaluation of raw materials stocks especially when it is required to provide raw materials consolidation;
  • In case of detection of tectonic violation zones ground penetrating radar is a quick and reliable visualizing method;
  • Georadars give an opportunity to research rivers, lakes, determine bed deposits, location of big objects at the depth below the layer of sludge deposits;
  • Georadars realize glaciological researches and applied in case of ice thickness determination;
  • Search and exploration ofmineral deposits (in this case a georadar) is often an auxiliary geophysics method. However, it should be noted that in some cases the georadar method is a support one.


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