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Mobile Laser Scanning

Mobile laser scanning is one of the most high-performance and precise method of survey.

With the help of mobile laser scanning data design and construction companies, railroads and operation services can provide continuous monitoring and current functional objects state diagnostics/testing.


Mobile Laser Scanning System is a mobile measuring system for collecting data on spatial position of objects performed from a moving vehicle. Mobile mapping geodesic systems include two scanning sensors for distance measurement, two or four digital cameras for geo-referenced images, IMU / GNSS geopositioning system ensuring calculation of a mobile platform track in real-time and correction of its inclination angles. Two scanning sensors perform a circular scan in two mutually perpendicular, intersecting planes, and on account of simultaneous movement of a mobile platform the shot subjects are covered with reflected laser pulses.

This equipment is firmly installed on a special platform and operates in conjunction with one or more basic stations that provide a differential measurement mode. Moreover, one can work with virtual basic stations.


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